Pest Control Chermside

Pests’ infestation is a nightmare for every individual who owns a house. If you have notices pests infestation in your house then give a call today to Ace Pests Control Chermside experts. Many people consider investing in pest control just a waste of money. But they are in a big dilemma, spending a few bucks on pest control can save you a lot in the long run.

Many people just to save a few bucks resort to DIY available on the internet. But trust us, being an expert we can say they are of no use. We are not saying this just because of this that we are in the pest control business. We are saying because we know DIY will clear pest spots from outside where you have noticed them but will not treat the root cause of pest infestations. Simply put if you want to control pest and want a permanent solution of pests in your house then nothing can work better than Ace pest control experts.

Chermside is a major suburb of City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is known as mini CBD of Brisbane and having total residents of 9315 according to 2016 census and spreading in an area of 3.4 square K.M. We also provide pest control services in suburbs around Chermside like Aspley Geebung, Kedron, etc. Give us a call today for a free quote specific to your requirement.

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Pest Control Solutions For All

Pest problems? Looking for pest control services? Hiring us can be your best bet. We have amazing solutions for all kinds of pests issues for your home or office in Chermside. Our pest controllers are specialized in treating pests, no matter how big or small they are in the size. The services we offer include cockroach exterminator, cockroach control, ant control, termite protection, spider control, wasp control, wasp removal, bug control, flea removal, rodent pest control, termite fumigation and more.

Our professional Pest control services are safe, odour free, quick and, You can say bye to pests once you hire professional pest control services. Pests cause health problems, are risky for human life, create a nuance at the workplace, cause communicable diseases, lead to problematic living and working environment, and are simply unacceptable to a hygienic person. Let us take care of your health by keeping these pests away from your life. Shoo away your worries forever by hiring our specialised team.

Residential Pest Control Services
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Common Types of Pests in Chermside

Ants & Rats

Ants are mainly found in a large number in holes and when they get some chances they attack the food materials and sweet especially. Sometimes small ants can enter your ear which gives severe pain. You can learn to be united seeing them in line when they carry some dead insects. While rats are fast running animals which can destroy food materials, clothes, papers and different sites in the house. They also freak out children and pets in the house.

Spiders & roaches

The spider and roaches are creepy pests which keep on moving here and there. Their movements can disturb your work as well as sleep. You can feel them when they are over you. The spider nets lead to more dirty spots in the house as they can trap dirt particles.

Bees and wasps

Bees and wasps are active in biting nature. Even if they get in touch with human or pets by mistakes they can bite you. They can make their nest in any corner of the house and grow their number quickly. Burning their nest can only keep total control on them.

Bed bugs and Fleas

The kind of pests which generally live in a bed. They are crook by nature and highly active in the nights. When you try to find them you will not get a single bed bug, but when you will sleep down they will again start their movements. They can be harmful to your family member in various ways.

Flies and mosquitoes

Flies and mosquitoes are annoying in nature as they keep on disturbing with their sound as well as sitting on the body and other objects in the house. They are the carrier of many diseases as they sit on the garbage and then on food and your body infecting all. The bites of mosquitoes can bring down your health by infectious diseases like Malaria and Dengue.

Ace Pest Control Services in Chermside

We offer the following local pest control, treatment and removal services in Chermside.

Ants Control
Ants control Services
Bed Bugs Control
Bed Bugs Pest Control
Spider Control
Spider Pest Control
Bees Control
Bees Control Services
Fly Control
Fly control Services
Moth Control
Moth Control Services
Flea Control
Flea Pest Control
Rodents Control
Rat and Mice Control

Steps To Control Pests in Chermside

Pests are considered dangerous for the well being of the inhabitants of any property because they have the capability to carry a disease from one place to another. So if you see pests in and around your property, the safety of your loved ones is at stake. We have proper means, knowledge, expertise, and certification to ensure you don’t have to see any of these pests ever in your life again!

  1. Pest Inspection: Our team will do a deep inspection of your premises, determine the infestation extent, and look for the source to locate the problem.
  2. Treatments: After the inspection, our team decides the right and effective procedure to deal with the pests and use the best chemicals for their elimination. The chemicals used in the treatment are Eco-friendly and safe for humans and pets.
  3. Re-visit and Post Inspection: Our pest controllers do the follow-up visits to check the recurring of the pest and also provide a useful suggestion to keep pets away from your place.


Cockroach Control Chermside

Cockroaches are everywhere in the world. You can find them in kitchens, bathrooms, halls, and even in your bedrooms. Notorious for creating a mess around the home, they are also responsible for spreading diseases. Most attracted to food and water, your kitchen and bathrooms are their favourite places. If you notice one or two of them lingering around the home, take this is an indication of the big cockroach infestation. As their population can multiply in no time, you should quickly locate the entry points of these creepy creatures in the home.


Restaurant Pest Control Chermside

Are you a restaurant owner? Imagine the disgusting expressions on your customer’s face when they encounter a cockroach lingering around the kitchen, rats racing across the seats, or spider and cobwebs on the walls. Your customers will never come back, and moreover, they will stop others from going for a meal at your place. If your place is not clean and hygienic, the pest will surely make it their hub. And in case, you take proper care of the restaurant and still are unable to get rid of them, go for restaurant pest control services. Our team has all arrangements and resources to save your business from losing your happy customers.

Pest Control

Our Pest Control Chermside Clients

We offers pest control services for both domestic as well as commercial clients. Do you know that pests found in your home are different from the ones found in commercial properties where food-related items are stored/kept? Yes, domestic pests are different from commercial pests and we understand this very well. We are fully aware of the techniques to handle these two types of pests with the best of ability.

Apart from residences, we extend our pest control services to cafes, food courts, offices, restaurants, food joints, schools, hotels, and any other premises. Our Eco-friendly pest control methods ensure that you can stay in your building during and after the pest control service. We only use SAFE pest control methods that harm the pests and are safe for human beings and pets too.

Commercial Pest Control Chermside

Our team serves in commercial areas including hospitals, schools, malls, offices and factories too. These areas are always occupied with incalculable people, therefore, the occurrence of a pest can become a big concern. Hence these areas need to be pest free and this can be possible when a professional service takes place there. It’s been more than 20 years for us and still, we are removing pests from commercial areas.

Tips to Keep Pests Out of Sight in Chermside

Wish to keep your domestic/commercial space free from pests? Try these:

  • Don’t let any holes in tiles, ceiling, or walls
  • Seal the food in packed containers
  • Keep your premises clean
  • Don’t keep the dustbin dirty
  • Use fly screens on windows
  • Don’t keep dishes in the sink overnight
  • Don’t keep dishwasher loaded overnight
  • Seal the holes in your cupboards
  • Don’t offer any entry to pests


Best Pest Control Services

Our Pest Control Services

  • Domestic pest control
  • Commercial pest control
  • Bed bug control
  • Cockroach pest control
  • Mosquito pest control
  • Wasp pest control
  • Spider control
  • Mouse control
  • Rodent removal
  • Moth control
  • Tick extermination
  • Restaurant pest control
  • Bee control
  • Emergency pest control service
  • Same day pest control
  • Seasonal pest control

Same Day Pest Control and Removal Services

We takes immense pride when we provide our customers with same day pest control and removal services. With years of experience and training, we have developed our same day pest control service. Our pest controllers will reach your doorstep, attend your pest infestation problem and deliver pest control, removal and extermination within 24 hours. Now save your time and money and get rid of pests professionally within the same day of hiring. With better tools and equipment and certified safe products, we can terminate all the pests from your premises in a single day.

End of Lease Pest Control Services

When you get pest control services we give a lease of time for which we will be responsible for the growth of the pests again only if you follow our valid instructions. Once they end we will not be responsible for the service. Lease time depends upon the area in which you live and types of pests. We generally give a lease of 4-6 months for our pest control service.

Cockroach Control


Why Choose Ace Pest Control Solutions Chermside?

We believe in providing a pest-free environment to our people in Chermside. We want everyone to live healthy and happy. We clean your property of all kinds of pests and ensure that pests don’t find it easy to attack your home/office again. With 20 years of industry experience, we are able to achieve customers’ trust.

FAQs Regarding Pest Control Chermside:

What are the pest control services do you offer in Chermside?

We offer almost all types of pest control services including:
Mosquitoes & fliescontrol, Rat control ,Wasp pest control, Spider control, Woodworm treatments, Ant control, Cockroach control, Bed bug control,  Spider removal, Moth control, Silverfish control.

Are you provide pest control services on weekends?

Yes, we do provide our pest control service on weekends, and not only weekends we are even available on public holidays. Moreover, we provide weekend service at no additional cost.

Do you also offer commercial pest control services?

We do provide commercial pest control service. We have a special team of professionals to perform pest control job at commercial areas like hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurant, retail stores and offices. Moreover, our commercial pest control service are very affordable.

How can I prevent ants from entering my house?

i). To get rid of ants you have to keep your house cleaned. 
ii). Never scatter food particles anywhere. 
iii). Remove Accumulated water sources.
iv). Keep your kitchen clean.
v). Hire us for the best services.

Are pest control techniques used by ACE Pest control safe?

Yes, Our all the methods and product are very much safe for everyone. We use eco-safe products that do not harm your kids as well as your pets. We use high quality of products which are odour free and affordable.

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