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Ace pest control Canberra is one of the most reputed and trusted pest control company who has complete knowledge and skill regarding every kind of pest control service. Our team is specialized in controlling all kinds of pests including cockroaches, termites, spiders, ants, bees, flies, mosquitoes, fleas, bedbugs, silverfish, rodents, beetles, scorpions, wasps, tick and many more from your residential or commercial property. With years of experience and expertise in the industry, we have marked our name on the top of the pest control industry. Since years, we have served our professional pest control service to our thousands of clients. We have grown to a highly recognized pest control organization as we have served best to our clients who always get satisfied with our service. If you also want to keep your property pest-free and pest-protected, contact the experts of Ace pest control Canberra only. We make use of advanced tools and equipment only and thus offer you 100% result oriented service. 

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Pest control Canberra

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    Get 100% Result-Oriented Service Canberra

    Ace pest control Canberra is known to offer the top and professional pest control service which offers you 100% satisfaction. We are the reliable and certified pest control team that renders you the qualitative and effective service at an affordable price. We are in the industry for years and are aware of all kinds of pest control solutions and which pest treatment will be effective on which pest. We are experts and experienced in offering best and top services to you that will not leave any pest behind ineffective at your property. Our services are combined with advanced tools and equipment that have no impact on your belongings and offer you an eco-friendly solution. 

    You can rest assured after hiring us. Our pest treatment is result-oriented and does not give you any chance of complaint. You will find the best result after hiring us and will not find that pest at your place anymore. Feel free to contact Us! Ace pest control Canberra keeps your property pest-free with its best solution. 

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    Protect Your Property From Pest Attack

    Do you know pests are the carriers of various harmful diseases, if transmitted into your body or into food which you ate later, can cause you various health issues which are harmful and dangerous for your health and well-being? Pests are not only the dangerous species for your health but also for your property. Instead of pests being small in size, they are of a destructive nature. They can cause you huge loss at your property as pests can damage any of your belongings by eating them or infesting that. Pests are capable of eating wood, electric wires, books, clothes, and more items in your place. So, protect your house from pest attack by calling professionals of Ace pest control Canberra.

    Pest Control Canberra Service

    You can Get Rid of Several Pests With Ace Pest Control Canberra

    Want to get rid of Pests? Ace pest control Canberra is the best place to eradicate the pests from your home or business place.

    ant control
    Ants control Canberra
    cockroach control
    Cockroach Control Canberra
    spider control
    Spider Control Canberra
    bee control
    Bee Control Canberra
    fly control
    Flies Control Canberra
    rodent control
    Rodent Control Canberra
    termite control
    Termite Control Canberra
    bedbug control
    Bedbug Control Canberra

    Ace Pest Control Canberra- Effective All Kinds of Pest Removal Service

    Ants Control Canberra

    Ants are one of the tiniest but harmful and unhealthy pests for the property. It is really hard to get control over the ants as they are large in number and their hidden places are at far distant places, where reaching is a really difficult task. There are a number of types of ants available like a common black ant, bull ants, Black Garden Ants, Brown Ants, Red fire ants, and may another kind of. If you want to get rid of these ants, you just need to call the professionals of Ace pest control Canberra. We are one the top-rated and highly effective ant control team who makes use of best methods to get rid of these tiny destructive creatures. Ants usually feed themself on your food and infest them. So, protect your property and health from ant infestation by hiring us. Along with professional ant control service, we give you some effective preventive tips which you can make in use to prevent the ants from coming to your property. Bedbug control Canberra

    Rodent Control Canberra

    Rodents are one of the most popular pests found in the Canberra. Rats and Mice are the pests who have a fast-breeding cycle due to which their number is increasing continuously. Rodents are capable of eating various kinds of items like food, electric wires, books, and clothes due to which they are capable of causing huge destruction to your property. They are one of the fastest pests so that why catching them is one of the difficult tasks. Rodents get to enter your property through open sources like windows, doors, or holes. Contact the team of Ace pest control for the best and professional rodent control service at your premises. Our team is skilled and capable of eradicating all the rodents from your house or office in no time. So, don’t waste your more time and contact the Ace pest control team for getting rid of rodents completely.

    Mosquito control Canberra

    Cockroach Control Canberra

    Cockroaches are one of the most common and popular pests in the commercial or residential property, as there is almost no house which does not face cockroach problem. This is so because cockroaches love to live in the close association of humans and need the same environment as humans need for breeding. Cockroaches feed themself on the food items, dead organisms, glue, boards, and many other items. They carry various harmful disease which they transmit into food sources when they come in contact with it. Cockroaches can make you place unhealthy, so if you want to protect the house from the cockroach infestation, you need to contact the professional of Ace Pest Control Canberra. We offer you a 100% result-oriented and cost-effective cockroach control service. 

    Termite control Canberra

    Spiders Removal Canberra

    Have you ever found webs near your house walls corners or windows? This web is created by spiders who are not only known to make your place dirty but also to put their sting into your body. There are thousands of types of spiders on the earth, some of which are harmless but some of which are considered to be dangerous as they can bite you causing little pain on your body. If you want to get professionals spiders control service in Canberra, contact the team of Ace pest control only. Spiders can be dangerous for your property and your health too. So, it is better than you contact the professionals to get rid of them, so that you can protect your place from spider attack and infestation. Get in touch with us today for creating a protective shield around your house to get rid of them.

    Possum control Canberra

    Bees and Wasps Control Canberra

    Bees and wasp are known to cause you painful bite and itching in your body when they bite you. They both are considered to be dangerous for their bite but life-threatening for those who have allergy with the stings. Their stings are very annoying as they cannot be cured easily. And if you find the bees or wasp hive at your location, it becomes all more dangerous. So, it is very necessary that when you find bees or wasp hive near your location, you contact professional bees and wasp control team. Hire Ace pest control Canberra professionals for getting rid of bees and wasps from your location and protect your family members from their bite and stings. We offer you the best service at an affordable price. So, rest assured! We will eradicate every bee from your property. Contact us Today!

    Ants control Canberra

    Bedbugs Treatment Canberra

    Bedbugs are becoming an increasing problem in Canberra. Most of our clients found the problem of bedbugs in your residential or commercial areas. Bedbugs are the small insects who remain more active at night when you are sleeping and bite you with their sting as they love to feed themselves on the human body. Their stings are really painful and irritating. It can also leave swallowed spots with red marks on your body that can cause you intense itching too. Want to get the best sleep at your bed at night but have a bedbug problem? Contact Ace pest control Canberra team for professional and amazing bedbug control service at your premises. We will eradicate the bedbugs from your house in no time and at the right price. Call us today and feel relaxed about the service!

    Rodent control Canberra

    Flies & Mosquitoes Control Canberra

    Mosquitoes are the flying insect who feed themselves on the human blood and bite them with a painful sting. Their bite can cause you various health issues like malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, skin problem, and many other issues. Flies, on the other hand, can cause nuisance and disturbance at your workplace. They create nuisance noise nearby ears and irritate. Mosquitoes and flies, both, are annoying creatures of which you must get rid of. Contact the professional team of Ace pest control Canberra for flies and mosquito control services. We are the experts in eradicating them from your property in no time. For the effective removal of flies and mosquitoes from your premises, contact us today! We will help you get rid of them within the same day of hiring us.

    Cockroach control Canberra

    Termite Control Canberra

    Have you ever seen your wooden material or belonging converted into mud or eaten by someone? This is the work of the termites, a pest who feed themselves on the dead plants, soil, wood or littler. This is important to get rid of termites as they can cause huge loss and destruction to your property or belongings. Termites are being considered as the ancestors of cockroaches. Finding termites problem at your premises is a really difficult task as the presence of termites is found after cause only. So, it is recommended that you get professional termite inspection at your property so that you can know about the level of a termite problem. After that, it becomes easy to identify, which kind of method will be better to get rid of them. For professional termite control service, contact Ace pest control Canberra only.

    Spider control Canberra

    Possum Control & Relocation Canberra

    Removing possums from your property is a very difficult task. They are nocturnal and are more active during the night time. Possums are capable of chewing electrical wires, damaging the area with feces and insulation. Getting rid of the possums on your own is not easy. But don’t worry! Ace pest control provides you the professional possum control and relocation service at the affordable price in Canberra. We also offer emergency pest control service, which means whenever you find possums at your home, you may contact us. We are the expert technicians of possum control who catches the possum with effective solution and blocks their way to not let possums come to your property once again. Don’t wait for more to call our technicians and contact us today for an effective possum control service.

    Bees and wasp control Canberra

    Restaurant Pest Treatment Canberra

    Ace pest control Canberra understands that pests do not have a specific place to attack or infest. They can infest any place at any time. Restaurants are the place where many people go for the leisure of the food but if they find pests over there, they make a bad image for that place and stop eating food there. Also, the presence of pests at the restaurants is bad for the brand name and reputation of the area. Being a restaurant owner, it becomes your duty that you keep your food, kitchen, and restaurant free of pests for the security of the health of your customers. If you are in need of a restaurant pest control service, contact the expert technicians of Ace pest control Canberra. We will eradicate all the pests from your area and will not allow any pest to come to your place anymore. Contact us now!

    restaurant pest control

    pest process

    How do we deal with your Pest Problem Professionally?

    Pests are the problem that does not leave any house or commercial property from its infestation. And a day or soon they need to get pest control service from the professional to protect their property from their control. Pests do carry various diseases along with it which they can transmit to your belonging when they come in contact with them. If you are worried about how professional pest controllers deal with pest problems? Here are our procedure is given, how we control the pests: 

    1. Inspection of pest: First and the foremost step that our pest control professionals take is to inspect the pest problem at your property. After the thorough report of the pest problem at your premises, our professional decides upon the method they are going to opt for pest control. 
    2. Treatments: After knowing about the pest problem at your premises, our professionals treat your home with our effective pest control method. Our treatment carries less chemical and more eco-friendly solution so our treatment does not affect anyone. 
    3. Re-visit and Post Inspection: After complete eradication of pest from your property, our professional inspect your place to check the recurring of the pest and to guide you with few pest prevention tips. 

    For free consultation and effective pest control treatment, contact Ace Pest Control Canberra team now!

    Get Affordable Pest Control Service on Same Day

    Are you looking for the best and effective pest control service who can offer you affordable pest control service on the same day of hiring? Visit none other than Ace pest control Canberra team. Ace pest control team understands the fear of pest at your home or office and thus believes in offering you pest control service on the same of hiring us so that you do not have to face pest problem for long. We also understand the importance of your hard-earned income and thus offer you the service at the cost-effective and best price so that your pocket does not get hurt with our treatment.  We take this as our responsibility to provide you the budget-oriented and emergency pest control service. Get the best and professional pest control service now from us to never let pest disturb you again.  

    Pest Control

    Pre-Purchase Building Pest Inspection Canberra

    When you think about purchasing a new house, you must make a good decision for it so that you buy a nice home not a pest home. It is recommended that you get a pre-pest inspection service at your building to make sure that your new home is not infested with pests. Even if it is your new house, it is not guaranteed that your home will be free of pests as pests can make their living anywhere, irrespective of new or old. Contact Ace pest control Canberra team if you are looking for a pre-purchase building and timber pest inspection service. We are the specialist who make a detailed report of the pest presence at your building and will guide you with the decision you should take. Hire us Now! 

    End of lease pest control service

    Residential Pest Control Service Canberra

    Pests are a threat to your family and home as pests are known to transmit various harmful diseases that your cause you various health issues. Pest not only makes your place unhealthy but also damages your property and belonging. If you want to protect your home and loved ones from the infection of pests, you must get a professional pest control service at your premises. Ace pest control Canberra is the expert and effective pest control specialists who take care of the pest problem at your home and help you get rid of them in no time. We are aware of all the pest control methods completely and thus offer you the desired service with guaranteed results. Keep your home safe and healthy with the best pest control service. 

    Commercial pest control Canberra

    Seasonal Pest Control Service

    All kinds of pests are found on the earth. One of those who are present for the entire year and the one who appears to us in a specific season. For example, lizards are found in the summer season only. Out of these seasonal pests, few are harmless and few can prove to be very dangerous for you. You cannot predict which pest is present there at your place and have made their living. If you are facing seasonal pest problem at your premises, contact the specialists of Ace Pest Control Canberra. We are the one who knows everything about the pests and knows how we can make them disappear from your place. Along with our seasonal pest control treatment, we help you with some pest prevention tips so that you can prevent the entry of pests to your house. Contact us Today!

    Pre-purchase pest inspection service

    End of Lease Pest Removal Services

    As per the Residential Tenancy Act, the tenants of the house must transfer the house to the landlord in the same condition when they have got at the beginning of their lease. Also not from the law point of view, it personally becomes the duty of the tenant to offer the home is the right condition. When you left the home during the end of the lease period, the house can be effected with a pest problem, which is necessary for you to eradicate them. Ace pest control Canberra is the solution for your end of lease pest problem. Our expert technicians are well-equipped and trained in all kinds of pest control solutions and will control all the pests from your premises. Our expert never gives any chance of complaint to you regarding the treatment. Be relax and contact us today only! 

    Residential pest control Canberra

    Leading Commercial Pest Treatment Canberra

    Protecting your business name and reputation from the pest infestation is our foremost duty. Various kinds of pests can be found at your office or any other commercial property like cockroaches, rodents, flies, ants, termites, spiders, bees, beetles, and many more which can attack your office belongings and brand name. To protect your business from a pest problem, you just need to get professional pest inspection and pest control service at your commercial property. Get a reliable and successful pest control service from us now at:

    1. Offices– Office is the place where you earn your living and many employees work. But if this place only gets infested with pests, the brand name and reputation of the business get down. Protect the reputation of the business and health of your employees from the pest attack with us.
    2. Food factories– Food factories can be a storehouse of the pests as pests can easily feed themselves at these places. So getting rid of pests at food factories becomes all more important. 

    3. Healthcare facilities– Healthcare clinics are the place where patients went for well being of their health but if these places only start infesting the patients, the life of the people can be put into the threat. So, getting pest control service at the healthcare buildings becomes important.

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    Our Pest Control Services

    • Possum pest control
    • Fleas control
    • Bed bug control
    • Cockroach pest control
    • Mosquito pest control
    • Wasp pest control
    • Spider control
    • Mouse control
    • Rodent removal
    • Moth control
    • Tick extermination
    • Termite control
    • Bees control
    • Flies control
    • Scorpions control
    • Silverfish control

    Prevent Pests Entry to Your Property With Our Best Pest Prevention Tips

    Worried about the pest problem at your home or office? Prevent the pest entry with these effective tips:

    • Block their entry to your home by closing holes
    • Clean your kitchen. Do not leave food unpacked.
    • Avoid Standing Water
    • Do not Leave Dirty Utensils overnight
    • Clean your Dustbins regularly
    • Store Firewoods Properly
    • Once a week, vacuum your house

    Along with these pest prevention tips, you should get a professional pest control service at your premises regularly. Ace pest control Canberra is the expert team that can eradicate all the pests from your premises soon and makes sure that pests will not recur early. Contact us now for expert pest treatment! 

    Ace Pest Control – No.1 Choice For Pest Control Treatment

    We know how much you take care of your home or office and clean it regularly so that you can protect your house from the pest attack. But it is also true, after all this, still, you are facing a pest problem. That’s why you are here! Don’t worry, when ace pest control experts are here! Ace pest control Canberra team is the professional who is available 24*7 just to provide you the best treatment at any time. Don’t let the pests become your permanent guest, and contact us for the amazing pest control treatment. We are the well-known pest exterminators as:

    • Offer Non-Toxic Pest Control Solution
    • Family Owned Business and Licensed pest controllers
    • Flexible Timing with 24*7 presence
    • Same day pest Extermination Service
    • Pre and Post Pest Inspection Service
    • Affordable Prices
    • Years of experience in the Industry

    Our service is amazing that does not give you any chance of complaint. Contact us today only for the best pest inspection and control service. 

    Office Location in Canberra


    How long does a pest control treatment last?

    The effect of the pest control treatment can last for 6 months and till that time you will not see any pests. But after that, the effects start declining and you need pest treatment once again.

    Do Pest controllers spray inside?

    Yes, Pest control professionals do spray inside the house. Don’t worry! Ace pest controllers do provide you the eco-friendly and safe pest control service that does not harm your property and belongings. So you can relax and hire us for pest control service inside.

    How can I completely get rid of Termites?

    You can try various home remedies to get rid of termites completely: You can use wet cardboard trap. Sunlight is the enemy of the termites so that can also help. You can use nematodes and do not forget to remove mulch from the house.

    How many times should I take pest control service?

    It depends on the property where you want to take pest control service. For apartments or residential property, it is recommended that you should take service with 2-3 months. For commercial property, you can hire professionals after 3-6 months.

    How can I clean my house after pest control treatment?

    Do not clean your house directly after the pest control service. It is recommended that you wait for a day to clean your property. After that, you can deep clean your house floors and counters and move on with your usual routine.

    Why should I hire pest control professionals at my house for pest control service?

    You may be deep cleaning your house or maybe trying so many home remedies to get rid of pests from your property. But this is the fact that these home remedies are not completely effective. For professional and complete pest control treatment, you need to get an expert pest control service so that no pests are left effective. Contact Ace pest control Canberra team for your pest problem.

    What time of year is best for the pest control service?

    There is no perfect time of the year for the pest control service as some pests are seasonal and to get rid of them, you need to get pest control service at that season only. But still, if you need, then March to August is the best period for getting pest control treatment.