Pest Control Baulkham Hills


Ace Pest Control is one of Baulkham Hills’ commercial, effective, eco-friendly environment, reliable, safe and cost-effective best pest control company. Pest Control Baulkham Hills offers a service to handle all types of pest control problems like cockroaches, termites, spiders, bedbugs, snake, flies, rodents, bees & wasp, mice, rats, ants, etc. Our pest control professional team are gives the 100% successful result to remove the pests problems in your homes, Business. Our specialist makes your home and environments safe and healthy using the non-polluted methods for pest control. Ace Pest Control Service gives the best price offers surrounding your areas. Our service are available 24*7. We offer the best professional service which is completely well qualified and trained in the field of removal pest infestation. Call us on 0433791074 to protect your family from the pest attacks.

Baulkham Hills is a suburb of Greater Western Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. It is 31 kilometres north-west of the Sydney central business distric. We serve all the suburb of Baulkham Hills and also cover the all nearby suburb.


Pest Control Service are :-

  • Eco-friendly Pest Control treatment
  • Commercial and local pest control service
  • 24*7 Available Service
  • Safe and reliable pest eradication
  • Chemical-free treatments
  • Fully qualified and trained
  • Expert in pest control and termites control



Pest Control Baulkham Hills
Pest Control Baulkham Hills





We specialize in providing a solution to any of the following issues:

  • Bugs, mites and termite attacks.
  • Rodents control.
  • Wasp, bees flies control.
  • Cockroach control.
  • Spider control.

Our services range from domestic to commercial pest infestation issues. The punctual and effective team of  Ace Pest Control  equipped with modern tools and machinery is well-trained to provide pest and rodent control solutions Baulkham Hills in the following segments:

Most Common Types of Pest Control Services we Offer:

1.Cockroach Pest control

Ace Pest control provides expert pest controller who understands the behaviour of the tricky and cunning nature of the roaches. We use pesticides which are made only for cockroach and kill them totally.

  1. Spider pest control

Killing spiders without proper guidelines can be harmful to you as their pee or crush on your body can give you health risk. Call professional from Ace Pest Control who have safety kits and deep information which help them to work fearlessly and give optimum results.

  1. Bed bug pest control

If you want to get good sleep, ensure that your bed have no bed bugs. You can get the best pest controller in Baulkham Hills At Ace Pest Control. Our experts use technical methods to kill the pests so that your bed does not have blood marks of bed bugs.

  1. Flea & Tick Extermination

Flea and tick which normally lives in the corner of beds are also biting pests. Their bites give reddish spot and itching. Controlling them is not an easy task once they get large in number. The tick can also get into long hair of pets or females in the house.

  1. Wasps & Bees Pest Control

The bites from Bees and Wasps are very irritative and fearing. Once you get it, you will keep a safe distance from them. It is advised to burn their nests. Get elimination of these flying pests by hiring professionals from Ace Pest Control.

Spider Pest Control Baulkham Hills
Spider Pest Control Baulkham Hills

Domestic Pest Control Baulkham Hills

Ace Pest Control offers a wide range of solutions to issues related to pest infestation in domestic households. Generally, pests and rodents attack takes place where they get ample quantity of food to feed upon and adaptable regions to take shelter in. Our experience and expertise in the field of pest and rodent control in Baulkham Hills aptly enable us to recognize these corners of your domestic premises.

  • Kitchen: Kitchen is the major storeroom of food articles. This place is the ideal hunting place for pests and rodents as they can easily feed upon the food articles and the leftovers.
  • Garage: Most of us use a certain part of our garages for keeping unwanted or unused articles. These articles can be made of wood, plastic or cloth and fibers. These materials can be feeding and spawning spot for mites of various species.
  • Unvisited and dark places: Many sections of our house are generally not having frequent footfall. It can be our backyard or any separate room over the terrace or unused storeroom or washroom. These are the ideal places for spiders and rodents to survive in. These places are generally dark and cold which helps them in their hibernation.

Similarly, there can be various other places in your house, which can emerge to be the reason for the pest infestation in your own household. 
Ace Pest Control is having the adequate capability and potential to take you out of all types of problems related to pest and rodent attacks in your domestic premises.

Domestic Pest Control Baulkham Hills
Domestic Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control Baulkham Hills

Cleanliness and tidiness are very essential for any business organization to please its customers, clients, and visitors. Although business organizations take all apparent measures to make their space look good, they are always vulnerable to unpredictable pest and rodent attacks. Ace Pest Control  recognizes the causes and issues responsible behind the pest infestation in commercial organizations and holds the specialty in providing ultimate pest control Baulkham Hills solutions at:

  • Storage Points: Many business organizations have storage places to store their bulk trading materials. The materials can be foodstuffs, food grains, wooden or timber products or raw materials, which have all the quality to attract pest and rodent attention. We provide a solution for pest-related issues creating problems in storage points, godown or warehouses of such business establishments.
  • Shops and Retail stores: Shops and retails stores often deals in food articles and direct selling of food grains. For the purpose of selling and their business, they have to keep stock of those articles in their access. These food articles are the cause of pest infestation and require proper measures for their removal and control.
  • Offices and clubs: Offices and clubs generally have great footfall round the clock. They are also decorated with elegant wooden furniture and have HVAC systems attached to temperature regulation. All these are the sources of the attraction of pests and rodents. The HVAC systems have ducts which if not cleaned can be an ideal thriving spot for pests and rodents in Baulkham Hills. They get circulated throughout the premises; the duct network spreads and henceforth attacks furniture and other vulnerable items. Hence, pest and rodents are great disturbing issues for offices and clubs too.

In this way, a majority of commercial places are vulnerable to pest and rodent attacks and  Ace Pest Control offers its wide range of affordable and effective solutions to these fearful and unwanted issues.

Restaurant Pest Control

Pests attack in the restaurant can be a common problem but the cleaning and pest treatment at the regular interval can keep control on them. The restaurant gets food waste and lots of food waste and unreachable corners which become their living sites. Get professionals of Ace Pest Control to expel out all the pests else they can contaminate the food as well freak out the customers.

Restaurant Pest Control Baulkham Hills
Restaurant Pest Control Baulkham Hills

Safe and Eco-friendly Pest Control Services in Baulkham Hills

Pest control service from Ace Pest Control is absolutely safe and eco-friendly as we use pesticides which have only impact on the pests and rest of the house remain safe. Our dedicated pesticides are capable of killing particular pests. Because of our advanced equipment and methods, we exterminate them in such a way that they never come back again.

Professional attitude towards service

Ace Pest Control maintains all the standards to provide quality services to clients and customers. Starting from recruitment until onboarding and training of staffs and employees, we abide by the legitimate procedures. We recruit those individuals who are having proper certification and experience or both in the industry. This makes them provide the best pest control Baulkham Hills service and maintain the professional standards.

Effective Pest Control Baulkham Hills
Effective Pest Control

Updated and Modern equipment:

Many times just human effort is not enough to get rid of problems. Hence, our team is equipped with updated and modern machinery, which can result in a satisfactory solution to pest and rodent problems. Our pest control Baulkham Hills process is generally accomplished in three stages, which are Investigation, Extermination Prevention. Our crew members conduct the investigation process, in which, they find out the reason and source of pest infestation or rodent attack. The extermination stage relates to the eradication of pests and rodents. For this requirement of tools and machinery sometimes becomes mandatory. In the prevention stage, our crew blocks all the paths of recurrence of the attack. It is also sometimes supported by tools and equipment.

We use modern machinery and eco-friendly pesticides and chemicals, which are harmless for your family members and pets, and facilitates in providing you a genuine and effective service.

Same Day Pest Control Baulkham Hills
Same Day Pest Control

Fast and Effective:

Our working crew is always active to reach your place at your time of need. We provide 24/7 pest removal and control service. We also offer Emergency services Baulkham Hills. All these features are available to you at an affordable price and we also offer discounts and privileges to our regular clients and customers.

To experience the ultimate solution for pest and rodent removal, contact Ace Pest Control at call @ 1800 033 756.

Location: Baulkham Hills, NSW, Australia