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Are you worried about your pest problems at your premises? Get an end to your worries then, Ace Pest Control Adelaide provides affordable & safe pest control services across the city on the same day of the bookings. The services provided by our expert team are 100% guaranteed and result oriented. Ace Pest Control is known as the #1 leading pest control company all across Australia. We have a team of professionals who are having an experience of more than 15 years in this industry. Our experts use advanced tools and the latest equipment to exterminate the pests present in the premises. We can deal with all types of pests like termites, cockroaches, ants, wasps, bees, fleas, flies, rodents, silverfish, spiders, possums, moths, bed bugs, etc. The services we provide are available 24*7 as we understand the urgency of the clients.

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    Pest Treatment in Adelaide

    No.1 Choice for Pest Treatment in Adelaide

    The services provided by our Pest Control Experts are safe, quick, and odor-free. Once you hire professionals of Ace Pest Control Adelaide, there will be no returning of pests in the property. Having the presence of pests on the premises may cause severe health issues and risk human life. To live in a pest-free and safe environment you need to completely exterminate the pests from the property. We are here to take care of your health by keeping these pests away from your life. Get away from your worries forever by hiring our expert team.

    We are known as Adelaide’s leading pest control company. Once you hire our professionals you can end your problems right there as we will resolve each one of them. At first, we start with the inspection of the premises after that the treatment begins. Our professional pest exterminators can deal with all types of pests without disturbing the quality of the service. The services are safe and effective as we use eco-friendly and safe solutions during the service. Contact our pest specialist team now and get rid of those uninvited pests.

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    Same Day & Emergency Pest Control Services in Adelaide

    Pest issues can also become serious sometimes. So, to control those pests who entered the premises all of a sudden and created havoc needs to be controlled. If you want to avail the emergency pest control services, hire Ace Pest Exterminators team today! Our expert team has the best pest solutions for all the types of pest problems in Adelaide. Though, providing the services on the same day and emergency bookings, our professionals never compromise with the quality of the service. We have a team of local professionals who are available to provide the services 24/7 as we understand the urgency of the clients.

    Emergency Pest Control Services in Adelaide

    Professional Ace Pest Control Services in Adelaide

    We  have specialist & safe pest treatments and offer pest control, removal and prevention services for domestic in Adelaide.
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    Ace Pest Control Adelaide – Treatments Offered By Us

    Ant Control Adelaide

    Ants can be one of the hardest pests to control due to the distance & locations they may have their nest in relation to your place. A most common type of ants – Argentine ants, Bulldog ants, Carpenter ant, Coastal Brown ant, Common Black House ant, Funnel ant, Garden ant & Ghost ant. Ace Pest Control’s professional will eliminate all kinds of ant infestations along with their entire colonies. Our technicians will perform pest removal treatments again without any extra fee if you have any issue for ant infestation after treatment. We also give you some tips for preventing ants – Make a boundary around your building with stone or gravel to discourage ants and other pests from building their nests. Clean all food crumbs and spills immediately. Don’t leave discarded food items on counters or in sinks.

    Bedbugs Treatment Adelaide

    Rodent Control Adelaide

    Rat and mice both are complimentary of huge destruction in the house. They can enter your house from open doors, other gaps or by making holes. They generally feed on foodgrains but keep on cutting valuables like clothes and books. If you try DIY, they will play hide and seek with you. They can also bring lots of health risk as they are also counted among disease carriers. People usually try homely methods to control them which are not effective and give them time to grow their population. Our specialised pest controllers are experienced and well trained. Our rodent pest control service is available for you at reasonable costs in Adelaide. We provide you rodent control service with only certified and most experienced pest exterminators. Without wasting any time, call professional pest Controllers and make your place rat and mice free. 

    Flies & Mosquitoes Control Adelaide

    Cockroach Control Adelaide

    Cockroaches are one of the most common types of pests that are likely to be found in every place. Cockroaches are the nocturnal pests notorious for spreading mess and disease around the home. Roaches destroy our kitchen’s food, if we eat that food that should be bad for our health. Thus, it is important you give special attention to cockroach infestation. In case if you happen to see cockroaches crawling around your property, make sure you take necessary actions for their removal. Ace Pest removal team give you complete eradication from cockroaches infestation problem. Our fully skilled pest exterminator uses safe & effective cockroach control solutions. Our all pest removal services cost-effective.

    Termite Control Adelaide

    Spiders Removal Adelaide

    The range of our specialized pest control Adelaide services also include spider pest control. However, spiders are a little useful to humans, as they eat other small pests such as mosquitoes, flies, and moths. But it’s better you don’t let spider infestation grow and spread in the home, as it can be dangerous too. Treating spiders with the homely conventional methods may not always bring you the desired result. Hence, it is advisable you go for professional pest control services. Our experts offer guaranteed removal of spiders from the property. Professional pest controllers know the right methods and tips to rid the problem from your home. We provide the best spider removal services on the same day hiring our team. So, call us today and get our special deals on pest control Adelaide.

    Possum Removal & Relocation Adelaide

    Bees and Wasps Control Adelaide

    Bees and wasps are active in biting nature. Even if they get in touch with human or pets by mistakes they can bite you. They can make their nest in any corner of the house and grow their number quickly. Bees are an important part of our environment. They play a role in the pollination of our plants to a great extent. When it comes to bees & wasp, do not try to remove them by yourself, or else you will suffer the consequence of their painful stings. Leave that to Ace Pest Control. Our Pest Control Adelaide pest elimination team have full experience in handling all type of bee problems.

    ant control Adelaide

    Bedbugs Treatment Adelaide

    Your bed is one of the most precious belongings in the home. You spend  7-8 hours sleeping and relaxing on it every night. But you might not be the only one relaxing on the bed, there could be those little blood-sucking bedbugs accompanying you. Bedbug infestation in the home or bedroom can create a complete nuisance and you may have to suffer may unforeseen situations. Bed bugs feed Fon the human blood and also leave swallowed spots with red marks that cause intense itching. Thus, bed bugs pest control and removal become an essential task to do as soon as you figure the signs of their infestation. Trying to remove bedbugs at home can be effective in case of light infestation but when the infestation is heavy you need to get professional assistance.

    Rodent Control Adelaide

    Flies & Mosquitoes Control Adelaide

    Flies and mosquitoes are annoying in nature as they keep on disturbing with their sound as well as sitting on the body and other objects in the house. Flies are carried many diseases as they sit on the garbage and then on your food & body infecting all. Mosquitoes are one of the most common & annoying insects around houses, especially in summers. A mosquito can also carry & transmit diseases such as Ross Rive virus, Dengue fever, and Australian encephalitis. The bites of mosquitoes can bring down your health by infectious diseases like Malaria, Ross Rive virus, Dengue fever, and Australian encephalitis. At Ace Pest Control, our expert fly & mosquito experts have years of experience in providing remarkable fly & mosquito pest control services.

    Cockroach Control Adelaide

    Termite Control Adelaide

    Termite causes extensive damage to your furniture & property. They can harmful to your furniture & claim a huge loss. They like eating dead plants, wood, leaf litter, soil, or animal dung. It is important to identify which type of termite infestation in your property. Commonly subterranean & dry wood termite found in Australia. Termites are also known to be the ancestors of cockroaches. Identification of termite – headbanging, hollow sounded timber, tunnels in the wood is one of the common signs of termites. Ace Pest Controller provides termite inspection, treatment, control, pre-purchase & building inspection services. Book Ace Pest removal & protect your valuable properties from termite attack & get out the termites from your home.

    Spiders Removal Adelaide

    Possum Removal & Relocation Adelaide

    Possums can be very difficult to remove from a property. Our possum catch team not only has the method to access all the possum entry points but doing it safely & expertly. Possums are nocturnal nature and are most active during the night. Possums can chew electrical wires, damaged insulation, or damage the area with their feces. But if you want to get rid of possum, no need to worry!! Ace Pest Control Adelaide Pest Management Solutions are licensed for possum catching service. So, If you have a possum problem don’t wait to call our expert team. We give you complete protection from possum pests with the most reasonable rate.

    Bees and Wasps Control Adelaide

    Pest Treatment for Restaurant

    Do those irritating pests have attacked your restaurant? Imagine the disgusting impression on your customer’s face when they encounter a cockroach lingering around the kitchen, rats racing across the seats, or spider and cobwebs on the walls. Your customers will never come back, and moreover, they will stop others from going for a meal at your place which is not good for you. If your place is not clean and hygienic, the pest will surely make it their hub. And in case, you take proper care of the restaurant and still are unable to get rid of them. Call the team of Ace Pest Controllers who provide you expert pest treatment at the most cost-effective prices.

    restaurant pest control
    Professional Pest Treatment Process

    Professional Pest Treatment Process

    Living with Pests under the same roof is considered dangerous for the well being of the inhabitants of any property because they carry many harmful diseases and spread them all around the premises. If you don’t want to risk the safety of your loved ones, then you need to have a pest treatment as soon as you can. You can hire us as we have proper means, knowledge, expertise, and certification to ensure you don’t have to see any of these pests ever in your life again!

    • Pest Inspection: Our team will do a deep inspection of your premises, determine the infestation extent, and look for the source to locate the problem.
    • Treatments: After the inspection, our team decides the right and effective procedure to deal with the pests and use the best chemicals for their elimination. The chemicals used in the treatment are eco-friendly and safe for humans and pets.
    • Re-visit and Post Inspection: Our pest controllers do the follow-up visits to check the recurring of the pest and also provide a useful suggestion to keep pets away from your place.

    Call us for a free quote or consultation regarding our exclusive Pest Extermination services, today!

    Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection of Building

    Have you purchased a building? To ensure the safety of your family, you must get pest inspection of the premises before shifting. For the better inspection of your building, you should book Expert pest inspectors for this as they have equipment like thermal imaging which can view the traces of termite and other pests. Let the professionals of Ace Pest Control inspect your house before you purchase before it causes damage to your property. Just get a thorough and deep inspection which will be safe and reliable to be a success. To know more, you can get in touch with us. So, don’t wait to book us.

    End of Lease Pest Treatment Adelaide

    Are you at the end of your lease? So, looking for experts to get an end of lease pest treatment in Adelaide? Ace Pest Control will catch you right there. When it comes to the end of the lease, tenants start looking for the best and effective pest extermination team for the premises in order to get the best results. It basically depends on the lease agreement, you should particularly have flea treatment, in case you have a pet. We start our end of lease treatment when the property is cleaned. Our professionals carry out the tasks in with the utmost care, making the whole thing easy for you. We generally give a lease of 4-6 months for our pest control service. Our end of lease pest control service provides the best pest control treatment at places which are on lease. You just need to give us a call and avail our affordable & efficient End of Lease Pest Treatment services on the same day of booking to get your bond back.

     Get Rid of Seasonal Pests with Ace Pest Controller

    Get Rid of Seasonal Pests with Ace Pest Controller

    There are many varieties of pests, some of them are seasonal in nature. Seasonal pests are tricky in nature and they come from a hideout at once in large numbers and you will get irritated and fretted. Most of them are flying pests which do not harm you but during their presence, you will get frustrated. They can fall into food materials and spread their infection. They have a very small span of life. So to stop such attacks you can call professionals for pre-season pest treatments from Ace Pest Control and they will inspect the area which can get affected. You can also hire us when you have attacks of seasonal pests because you did not get pre-season pest treatment.

    Residential Pest Removal Adelaide

    It is always said to keep your residential place pest-free and hygienic. Want to maintain your place free from pests? Hire professionals of Ace Pest Control Adelaide as we offer the best residential pest extermination services. We all can notice the presence of unwelcomed guests such as spiders, cockroaches and other pests in summers and winters. We have a team of local exterminators who prove safe, effective, and reliable services on the same day bookings. Don’t wait till it’s too late!! Call now to book Ace Pest Control services ad make your home pest free.

    End of Lease Pest Treatment Adelaide

    Excellent Commercial Pest Treatment Adelaide

    The type of pest attack in a commercial firm depends on the business you operate. Processing or manufacturing industry can get attacks of cockroach, ants or rat, etc document work office can have a problem, workplace people can get disturbed with the pests. The presence of any kind of pests will either destroy some items of your business or disturb your workers. In any of the situations, your business will have a risk of loss. Get the most reliable services from professionals of Ace Pest Control and grow your business at a large speed by making your office and workplace free from pests.

    1. Offices– Office is a place for the storage of valuable documents as well as where you sit and work. The presence of pest can destroy the documents as they love cutting paper and clothes. They can also disturb you with their movements and change your mood for work. 2. Food factories– These places have storage of food materials in large stock thus chances of getting pest attack is large. Ensure pest treatment before you start to store the food materials else get ready for the destruction loss by pests. 3. Healthcare facilities– The places like hospitals or ward of patients can have pest attacks that can ruin their stay. The equipment or medicines can also be damaged by pests. So it is always advised to keep such places pest free.

    Best Pest Control Adelaide

    Pest Control Services Offered by Us

    Domestic pest control
    Commercial pest control
    Bed bug control
    Cockroach pest control
    Mosquito pest control
    Wasp pest control
    Spider control
    Mouse control
    Rodent removal
    Moth control
    Tick extermination
    Restaurant pest control
    Emergency pest control service
    Same day pest control
    Seasonal pest control

    Tips to Prevent Pest Infestation in Adelaide

    Wish to keep your domestic/commercial space free from pests? Try these:

    • Don’t let any holes in tiles, ceiling, or walls
    • Seal the food in packed containers
    • Keep your premises clean
    • Don’t keep the dustbin dirty
    • Use fly screens on windows
    • Don’t keep dishes in the sink overnight
    • Don’t keep dishwasher loaded overnight
    • Seal the holes in your cupboards
    • Don’t offer any entry to pests

    We are a professional pest control service provider in the city, our reputation in Adelaide lies on our quality pest control solutions and unmatched customer service. Give us a chance to deliver the best pest control solutions at the most desirable prices in Adelaide!

    Why Choose Ace Pest Control Adelaide?

    We understand your busy routines and our local teams are ready 24/7 to provide you with services on flexible hours that suit your routine. The same day service facility is to provide you with the pest control in case you are planning a special event and need to get rid of these creatures. Just call in the morning and you’ll be rid of your pest problem before you go to bed that night. These are some of the reasons you should hire us for pest control services.

    • Eco-friendly chemicals
    • Experienced and trained professionals
    • Licensed pest controllers
    • Same day pest control services
    • 24*7 services with flexible timings
    • Follow Checkups and revisits
    • Cost-effective treatments

    With 15 years of experience in the field, we provide the most satisfactory services in Adelaide that you won’t get anywhere else.

    Office Location in Adelaide

    Great job

    Ace Pest Control was a perfect solution for my pest control. It was so fast and very effective. I got it done about 6 months ago and I have not faced the problem since then. I would rate it a perfect 10/10. Great job PCI! Their Bee Safe service was impressive. I was really impressed with the results.
    - michael samantha

    No Trace of Bed Bugs

    I called Ace Pest Control for the removal of bed bugs from home. I tried a number of ways to get rid of them on my own, but everything went in the veins. I finally decided to call the professionals and Ace Pest Control did the fantastic work. They removed the infestation completely from my place. I can finally sleep in peace without bothering about these creepy bugs.
    - Thomas

    "Effective and affordable"

    I'm a tremendous supporter of this Pest Controller Service and their pest removal techniques are really effective and affordable.
    - Oliver


    Is it important to have monthly pest control?

    No, it is not needed to have a monthly pest control if the quantity of pest infestation is low. But if you are having heavy pest infestation at the premises then you need to go with a monthly pest treatment from the professionals.

    Can I do the pest treatment on my own?

    Yes, you can do the pest control treatment on your own if the size of the pest infestation is small. But if the size of pest infestation is large then you need to hire professionals and get your property treated so as to avoid future threats.

    Do I need to sweep the floor after the pest treatment?

    No, you don’t need to sweep the floor after the professional pest treatment. The team of Ace Pest Control Experts will clean the whole area before leaving and if you will sweep the floor after the service then it will make the treatment less effective.

    Is the pest control solution harmful?

    It depends on the type of pest removal solutions applied whether harmful or not. But Ace Pest Control Adelaide uses water-based chemicals during the treatment. Don’t hesitate, just give us a call and book us.

    Will the rain wash away my pest control treatment?

    It is always recommended to have a pest treatment when the rain stops but the slight rain will not affect the treatment. Try to continue with the treatment after the rain as the heavy rain may wash away your treatment.