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Have you been noticing cobwebs in your food containers? Or webbings on the edges and corners of food packets? Or maybe irregular clumps in old bags of flour? If your answer is yes, you might have moth infestation.

While there are thousands of different species of moths in the world, the most common one in Australia is Pantry Moth. Pantry moths vary from other moth infestations because they are attracted to food items; whereas most moths are attracted to fabrics and clothes.

Like all other pests, the only objective of moths is to feed and reproduce. These pests normally infest places with stored clothes and food supplies. These prove to be best habitats to feed and lay eggs, giving their larvae a suitable environment for survival. Ace Pest Control provides expert Professional Pest Control Services in Melbourne, Brisbane at most competitive prices.

Moths usually enter your property through windows and open doors. They can also invade through utility chases, cracks in window frames, and cables which go through walls. It’s really irritating to take out your favourite dress and find it covered with moth cobwebs. This also happens with cereal boxes left unused for a while. It’s hard to detect moth infestation in early stages as it takes time for them to fully develop into flying adults.

Moth Control Services
Moth Control Services

Life Cycle of Moths

The life cycle of a moth consists of four primary stages:

  • Eggs –

    Moth’s egg is very small and greyish-white in colour. An adult moth can lay more than 400 eggs at once. It takes about 6 to 8 days for their eggs to hatch.
  • Larvae –

    Moths cause most damage at this stage. Larvae are miniature eating monsters. The casings left behind by them contaminates food, making it unfit for consumption. They can also make holes in your most expensive fabrics in no time. This stage usually lasts for 5 to 7 weeks depending on habitats.
  • Pupal –

    In this stage, moths are in their cocoons. They are hidden in cracks, crevices, and corners. Moth cocoons take almost 15 to 20 days to develop into healthy adults.
  • Adult –

    Moth adults appear out of cocoons. They have developed full wings and fly around searching for a place to reproduce. They also get attracted to bright lights at this stage.
Expert Moth Control
Expert Moth Control

Ace Pest Control Moth Removal Service

First, Ace Pest Control performs a free inspection of your residential or commercial premises to determine the extent of infestation. Then our experts will recommend a suitable moth control service on the basis of results. Different species of moths require different methods of treatment to eliminate them effectively.

We consider numerous factors before deciding on our approach to remove moth infestations. All our technicians are state certified and highly skilled. They go through a comprehensive training and background check to ensure 100 % customer satisfaction.Call Ace Pest Control today at 1800 033 756 to schedule a free inspection and get a free quote of our moth pest control services. We also provide 24-hour emergency moth control services in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and nearby cities.

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