How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Are you really safe during your sleep? This is the most needed question to be asked to every human being. Since the deadly blood-sucking parasite the bed bug jumps into the human body for feeding only during the night, taking care especially during night becomes important. Most of the people experience a sudden rash or itch at the particular part of the body. Here is the answer to it. The bed bugs, their host are the human body. They get into our skin and suck our blood. An average bug live up to 70 days without sucking any blood whereas a good blood consumer bug can live up to several months.

They are being called as bed bugs because the mostly survive in our mattress, sofa, clothes and more of our household components. They are prone to warm temperature, and that’s why they choose human body as the host. The active time for the bed bugs is from 12 Am to 5 Am where most of us would be in deep sleep. The bugs put in their mouth into our skin, insert their saliva and slowly start to suck our blood. This activity cannot be felt by us since we would at sleep mode. The bug will leave red mark and rashes on our skin later which makes us itch. It takes up to 14 days or more for bug bites to be healed.

Initially, it shows no symptoms to us. But later we can see three continuous lines in the skin. Which, indicates that the bug is feeding in our skin over a long time? The bug mostly comes from the old furniture, and then they easily jump into our mattress and pillow. They don’t have wings but still, they move to floors through the hole in walls and carried away while shifting the furniture.

How to get rid of bed bugs?

  • Usage of pest controls in the furniture and in the corner of the house which is coated with wood might chase the bugs out of the house
  • Changing the mattress and the pillow cover would reduce the chance of the bed bug begging to enter into our body during the sleep.
  • After a long travel, try to wash the travel bags and distant it from the bedroom to stop the entry of the bug in the bed.
  • After the bite from the bed bug, we get some serious irritation in the skin taking some antibiotic or applying some cream or body lotions would reduce the skin irritation and would give us pain relief.
  • Usage of proper disinfectant would create an allergy to the bed bug and make it run away from us.

Even a tiny bug could create serious skins issues. Ensure that you have safe sleep during the nights. The kids and the elderly people suffer more than the adults. And the humans with less immunity are like to be more affected by this bug. Better call for professionals help to get rid of these kinds of bugs. They will assist you in removing the bug from your bedroom.

Bed bug pest control

Bed Bugs Pest Control Brisbane

Bed Bugs Pest Control Brisbane

Bed bugs can play havoc in your home as these tiny creatures have the ability to cause some big disasters. Bedbugs can not only spoil your sleep but can also give you skin rashes as well. It is essential to make your home free from all kinds of pests including wasps to keep away from diseases and other forms of uninvited troubles. If you are unable to take out time to clean your home thoroughly or even if you are able to do so, it becomes really difficult to get rid of them on your own completely. It is here that the pest control services find utility. In case you are someone who is never satisfied with the average and want only best pest control service for your home, then we are here to help you out.

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