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Flea infestations are a major problem for pet owners. And even if you don’t have any pets, these teeny pests can still make their way to your homes or offices where they can create huge problems. Commercial store-brand products such as flea bombs and powder for pets don’t work at all; you need a professional flea pest control expert and a premier-quality flea treatment to do the trick.

At Ace Pest Control, we use advanced flea pest control techniques that are effectively proven to eradicate flea infestations completely. In addition to flea pest control services, Ace Pest Control also offers a flea prevention plan and regular inspections. This ensures that the problem does not arise in future again once the infestation is eliminated.

Flea Pest Control
Flea Pest Control

What are Flea Infestations?

Flea pest infestations are often a result of fleas latching themselves to the skin of your pets. Once inside your home, these fleas lay eggs in dark and cool places such as underneath heavy furniture and floorboards. These pests can lay more than 200 eggs every month. Their larvae can live up to ten months in egg form. And hatched adult fleas live for another three or four months. Fleas usually go dormant if there is no activity around the infested area, but get woken up by the vibrations from pets and humans walking around the nest. This is a much common phenomenon in flats and apartments.

Flea Infestation in your Homes

  • If you are a pet owner and have noticed fleas in your house, it’s very likely that they were brought in by your pets and are using them as their host.
  • If you don’t own any pets, the house could have been infested before your arrival.
  • Or maybe a flea was unknowingly carried by one of your visitors.
  • Whatever be the reason, it is very important that this infestation is dealt with as soon as possible as fleas can transmit tapeworm, bartonellosis and many other deadly diseases.
Flea Infestation Control
Flea Infestation Control

How to prevent fleas

To control the fleas infestation you can spray pesticides on a fixed interval. You can also give your pets with Flea treatment which prevent the pets from their attacks. Keeping a clean surrounding is one of the methods to prevent fleas. Besides these, you can also get professional flea treatment which keeps complete control over their growth and infestations.

Do Fleas bite Humans too?

Fleas have been found to bite and infect humans in some cases but only as their last resort for sustenance. These pests prefer their hosts to be your pets like cats and dogs, so as soon as they discover that you are a human they jump off to search for a new source of food.

Ace Pest Control Flea Pest Control

To ensure and safeguard the health of your family, it is vital that you hire professional flea pest control services to deal with infestation immediately. Our technicians at Ace Pest Control are trained to help you with 100% customer satisfaction. Our experts will recommend the best plan of action after a thorough inspection of your home. The flea pest control prices are affordable and depend on the location and severity of infestation.

For more information and a free quote of Ace Pest Control flea pest control services, contact us calling at 1800 033 756 or filling out a small appointment form. Our experts will get in touch with you at the scheduled date and time.

Professional Flea Pest Control
Professional Flea Pest Control

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