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Have you ever tried to deal with an ant infestation by yourself? If yes, then you probably know how unbelievably stubborn they can be. Ants are very social insects that work together as a team in order to locate food systematically and take it back to their nests. If you notice a single ant crawling around in your kitchen, we guarantee you are going to see many more of them soon.

Ace Pest Control’s professional ant control services will eliminate all kinds of ant infestations along with their entire colonies. Our exterior protection forms an anti-pest barricade around your building so that no pests can get in. And if they do, simply give our team a call. Our technicians will perform pest control treatments again without any extra fee.

While it’s easy to treat common black pavement ant infestations, carpenter ant and fire ant colonies require special treatment. At Ace Pest Control, our approaches are backed with science and decades of pest control experience. Our experts have the skill and expertise which only comes with Professional Pest Control Services. Call Ace Pest Control today to eliminate these pests from your homes with customized carpenter and fire ant colony treatments.

Professional Ants Control Services
Professional Ants Control Services

Ants Prevention and Control

Here are few simple tips from Ace Pest Control to prevent all types of pests, including ants, from infesting your homes:

Store food items that cannot be kept in refrigerators in sealed containers. Especially, make sure your sugar containers have tight fitting lids.

Make a boundary around your building with stone or gravel to discourage ants and other pests from building their nests.

Clean all food crumbs and spills immediately.

Don’t leave discarded food items on counters or in sinks.

Replace the lids of your garbage cans with tight fitting tops. And remember to cover them after every use.

Why Choose Ace Pest Control?

  • 100 % customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Verified experts
  • Revolutionary ants pest control treatments
  • Methods backed with science and decades of experience

Ace Pest Control is a new and better name in pest control business. We provide the best ants pest control services in Melbourne, Brisbane at exceedingly affordable prices.

Our team works with leading researchers in the field in order to develop new pest control strategies and products. Every Ace Pest Control specialist goes through thorough orientation and training. This gives them the expertise and understanding required to carry out effective pest treatments.Call us today at 1800 033 756 to schedule an inspection and get a free quote of our ants pest control services. We also provide 24 hour emergency pest control services all over Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth and nearby areas.

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