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Best Rodent Control Services in Melbourne

Best Rodent Control Services in Melbourne

Types of Rodents

Rodents are regarded as one of the largest species of mammals on the earth. Following are some major types of rodents that might invade your house:

  • Rats

Rats are the most common species of the rodent family. The physical appearance is characterized by two long upper and lower teeth which are visible clearly outside. They are generally light to dark brown in colour. Further, they have a hairy body and often live in a dirty environment. Also, they are not easy to detect. Their favourite habitat inside a house are- inside wooden cupboards, shelves, or stack of firewood as well.

  • Mice

Mice have almost same physical appearance as that of rats. They mostly invade your house, and when they do it, it can be a mess. This is because of the reason that they breed quickly and grow in size and number very fast. They can cause damage to the walls, insulation of wires etc. Also, as they move, they leave behind certain droppings which are infectious and can lead to unhygienic environment in the house.

  • Raccoon

Though Raccoons appear to be those cute, cuddly animals but they are really witty and destructive also. They use their paws for all the work and these paws serve same purpose as human hands. This makes their work a lot easier. They love to make nest in warm, cosy places. Raccoon make a nocturnal sound at odd times. So, while you are trying to sleep or concentrate in some important work they can really turn into a nuisance.

  • Squirrel

Well if you live at place which is full with trees and ants all around, squirrels are those types of Rodents which may irritate you the most. These species has long tail unlike other pals of this class. They have the ability to run very fast and are very adaptable. Additionally, they are in regular search for their food and they breed really fast. Further, they may make untidy nest in openings of your house, roofs, attics etc.

Why is it Necessary to Control Rodent Invasion in House?

Rodent Control in Melbourne

Rodent Control in Melbourne

  • Rodents especially attack important things like insulation of electrical appliances which increase the risk of short circuit in house.
  • They breed very quickly and become many in number quite often. This creates a total mess in your house and controlling them without professional help becomes difficult.
  • Rodents often leave various droppings they carry with them, these droppings may come in contact with your pets, little kids and often get into to our food as well. This is can lead to various health issues in both pets and the human members in the house.
  • They make the environment and living conditions very unhygienic and unhealthy.

How to Control Rodent Infestation in Melbourne?

The very first thing to do is look for the signs that indicate rodent infestation in your house.

For instance:

Any sort of rodent excreta, droppings near the food items, cupboards indicate that your house needs rodent control.

Scribbled paper or a foul smell too is an indication of rodent infestation.

Some steps that can prevent rodents to make way to your house are as follows

  • Avoid keeping the food items that may invite the rodents into your house. Moreover, seal all those holes or openings that may pave path for the rodents to creep inside your house.
  • Do not let leaves, garbage, and food leftover to collect or pile up for a long time.
  • Make sure that you cover the dustbin with a lid and also keep the fresh food covered properly- if u find some chew marks on the food, you can be sure that your house needs rodent control mechanism.
  • Avoiding feeding the birds- particularly when your house is infested by rodents.

Our Rodent Control Process

Our Rodent Control Process

Our Rodent Control Process

  • Our process initiates once the client books an appointment with us.¬† The first and the foremost step that we do is, send a team of our experts to the client site in order to examine the place.
  • Our primary process of rodent control begins on the second day. We generally begin with the areas already infected by rodents. In this step, we also try to mend the damage done by the rodents- this process is commonly termed as rodent proofing.
  • After the cleaning process, our rodent control experts in Brisbane sanitize the entire house, particularly the places that had rodent infestation. We include the backyards too.
  • The last step involves taking necessary steps for protection i.e., guarding against any sort of rodent infestation in the house.
  • After the entire process executes, we send our specialist to examine the work done by our professionals in order to find out if there is anything that is missing in the work.

Why Hire Ace Pest Control in Melbourne?

  • The work that we do is of utmost quality thereby leaving absolutely no room for complaints or negative feedback.
  • We have highly trained pest control experts.
  • The services that we offer are the best in the city of Melbourne, at a very affordable and reasonable price.
  • The products we use for our work are organic mostly- that is why our process is absolutely safe for the kids and the inmates of the house.

We would be really pleased to render our pest control services to you. Book now!


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