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Ant control. Looking for best ant control services in Melbourne and in nearby areas? Ace Pest Control provides expert ant control services. Guaranteed pest control and ant control services. Same day and emergency services available. Protect your home today.

Reliable Ant Control in Melbourne

Ants do not need any formal introduction. They are common household pests.

Ants are very organized and live socially in a group. They are very large in number and a problem for almost every house owner. Ants are adaptable and because they live in groups, they are very hard to kill. They work in a group and a single ant can carry loads of objects more than their weight.

Are you also seeing an ant in your house then there may be a possibility of a bigger ant? Fret not! Simply call Ace Pest Control in Melbourne and get best ant control services in Melbourne.

Ant Control

Ant Control

Know Ants in Detail

  • A single ant turns into a colony and colony into an infestation within days and causes a vast damage to food and property.
  • Their size makes them easy to get inside in almost everything cupboards, pantries, food containers and the likes.
  • They live in colonies; different species have different colonies supported by single or multiple queens.
  • There are about 1,000 species of ants. Some of them are dangerous while some not and all feed on different types of foods.
Ant Control

Ant Control

Why is Ants Infestation Control Important?

  • Ants get attracted towards the littered food in and around the house. These leave chemicals known as pheromones that attract other insects towards the place of food.
  • Some of the ants make holes in the wood and weaken them from inside such as the carpenter’s ants.
  • Some ants like the red imported fire ants are known to cause painful stings, these ants are very aggressive and their bite can be sometimes dangerous to those who are allergic to them.
  • Besides, ants also cause a massive damage to food and food items.

How to Identify Ant Infestation at Your Home?

You must call Ace Pest Control services in Melbourne if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Ants in every room

If you are seeing ants in every room, then it is an indication of a larger infestation somewhere inside the house. The kitchen is their favorite place. Thus, hurry and call Ace Pest Control services to get rid of ant infestation before their colony builds up.

  • Pathways

If you see ant pathways that are a single line of ants towards a food source, this is because they leave a chemical pheromone in the pathway as described above to attracts other ants.

  • Nest

If you spot a pile of soil, then it is an indication of an infestation. The pile of soil is their nests where these pests reside.

Ant Control

Ant Control

DIY Tricks to Get Rid of Ants

Try to follow the below-mentioned things to prevent the build-up of ant trail in your house:

  • Clean up the food if it has littered on the floor immediately as delay in cleaning will cause the build-up of ant trail.
  • Sweep any food crumbs under the kitchen appliances.
  • Always store your food in sealed and airtight
  • Avoid keeping any compost in the gardens, or keep them closed, don’t forget to cover your garbage bins too.
  • Keep all the food items in the kitchen covered.
  • Thoroughly clean any grease spills inside the home.
  • Avoid planting trees and shrubs because these provide nesting sites for ants and attract honey-dew producing insects like aphids, soft-scales, mealybugs and the likes.
  • Ants are also attracted towards the nectar of ripe and rotten fruits, to avoid them climbing the barks cover them with a duct tape, heavy paper, fabric tree wrap or Tanglefoot.

Our Ant Control Process

Different species of ants respond to management and treatment process differently. Our local pest control experts will not only help you in providing the treatment but will also help in identification of species of ants that have infested your house.

  • Inspection

Our pest control experts do a thorough inspection of each and every area of the house. They monitor the entry and the exit points, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, cupboards, area below the sinks, pipes and the electrical wires. They search out the nesting areas and check the holes and cracks and also the foundations of the walls which are their favorite places of residence.

  • Sealing

After completing the inspection process, we seal the cracks, cervices and other void sites with help of caulk. If the cracks are very deep then before applying the caulk, we apply a paste of silica agro-gel combined with pyrethrins.

  • Vacuuming/Sponging/Mopping

As per your demands, we will help you out in vacuuming the ants and their trails. We also use soapy water to clear up the ant trails; these are very effective and kill ants on contact and leave no residual toxicity.

  • Use of Baits

They are a key tool for managing ants and an effective insecticide used in most situations. The baits are mixed with materials that attract the ants looking for food. We apply them in the cracks and the cervices where the ants are entering. We place them at places where the ants can easily find them. The bait toxins are slow-acting and may take few weeks to clear the whole ant infestations.

  • Fumigation

We also offer every month perimeter spray programs, in this, we spray the whole area infested with ants and leave for some time. It is advised to keep all the family members away from the treated area. The process helps in quicker knocking down the ant’s population, to prevent the infestation to build up again repeat the process every month.

  • Follow-up

After the process is over we will follow up so as to make sure that the treatments are effective and you are satisfied with our services.

Why Should You Hire Ace Pest Control Services?

We will not let the pests pester in your homes anymore. You have the following reasons to trust us:

  • We have the best pest control services that will not allow not only the ants but the other pests to enter your homes.
  • Our experts will effectively combat these notorious creatures leaving your home clean and tidy.
  • If you are not satisfied with our services to do call us, our experts will satisfy all your treatment-related
  • Also, we use eco-friendly methods to control pest infestation.
  • Further, we provide same day services and fumigation services as well.

So, call our professional experts and get rid of ants from your home today!

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